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24/04/2012 20:56

Broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live, Monday 23 April 2012, 22.00 hrs

The former Tory MP talks to Phil and other experts, including Professor Moira Plant in her 1-hour documentary for BBC Radio.


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20/08/2011 14:17

Phil contributes to a BBC Radio 4 documentary narrated by Dr Kate O'Brien (University of Kent) on the development and regulation of dance music scenes and their continuing influence on youth cultures and 'lifestyle' markers in the UK and beyond. Other contributors include DJs Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Alfredo and a former senior police chief, instrumental in enacting the British state's response to the rave phenomena. Perhaps the last 'organic' youth culture?

* The programme's producers promise a suitably uplifting soundtrack!

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21/03/2011 16:53

Along with M.E.L Research, the leading Birmingham-based market research company, Phil has been commissioned to design and conduct a public consultation exercise on the night-time economy in Liverpool city centre. Funded by Liverpool City Council, the consultation seeks the views of local residents, businesses and Responsible Authorities concerning the designation of one or more Cumulative Impact Zones in central Liverpool. The study explores current strategies for managing the night-time city and draws recommendations on how these might be improved through an effective and proportionate local licensing strategy. Our Draft Report was delivered in August, 2011. 

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24/01/2011 14:25


Phil gave evidence on alcohol and drug use trends and related UK policy initiatives to the Education and Health Standing Committee of the Western Australian Parliament. The meeting was held on 31 January, 2011 at Australia House, in Central London. 


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10/01/2011 15:51

Phil has joined the Expert Committee of the European Commission funded, Safer Drinking Scenes (SDS) Project, launched at a meeting in Paris on 18-20 January 2011. The project forms part of the work of the European Forum for Urban Security (, a pan-European network of 300 local authorities and involves sharing best practice in alcohol harm reduction between EU states and the funding of targeted local initiatives. As part of the work, detailed case studies of the night-time economies of ten European cities will be produced, following site visits conducted throughout 2011.  

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04/08/2010 10:24

Alongside Dr Fiona Measham, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Lancaster, Phil has been commissioned by The Portman Group, a UK drinks industry social responsibility organisation, to explore current enforcement of the laws concerning the sale and consumption of alcohol. The project focuses upon licensing law and relevant criminal justice sanctions / anti-social behaviour legislation as applied in different regional contexts. The views of community safety practitioners and other interested parties are sought concerning the suitability and efficacy of current laws and regulations, together with the Government proposals on licensing contained in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, 2010-2011. The Final Report has now been published on-line at  

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15/04/2010 15:09

Phil has been commissioned by Alcohol Concern to contribute to their series of on-line Factsheets. The report, to be published by Alcohol Concern on 1 September 2010, will be co-authored by Dr Andrew Newton of the Centre for Applied Criminology, University of Huddersfield, a lead researcher on the Home Office evaluations of the Licensing Act 2003.  

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04/02/2010 16:18

Phil has recently accepted an invitation to join the International Editorial Board of the journal Contemporary Drug Problems.

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